The Bogen Internation Graduate Program


The Bogen International Graduate Program

Program Description

The Bogen International Graduate Program in Economics is a highly selective program that provides high-level training in Economics for students considering a research career in academia or outside of it. 

The program is comprised of two years course study and three additional years of Ph.D. research.  


Admission Requirements

Admission is based on the undergraduate (and if applicable graduate) study records, letters of recommendation and GRE and Toefl scores, as detailed below.

The minimum requirements for being considered for the program:

                   - Graduating from an undergraduate program in economics from Israel or abroad with a final grade equivalent to at least 88 at the Hebrew University standards.

                   - An average of at least 88 in intermediate micro, macro and econometrics.

                   - Candidates must also have completed courses in Linear Algebra and Advanced Mathematics for Economists or comparable courses with
                      an average of at least 80.

Candidates who did not graduate from the Hebrew University must provide:
1. Syllabi of required courses
2. Official information detailing the rank of the student’s average grade in the institution in which he or she studied (or on the institution’s grade distribution)

Students from overseas:
1. GRE results
2. TOEFL results (students from non-English-speaking countries only)



Scholarships will be granted based on academic performance and research progress, in order to allow students to dedicate all of their time to their studies and to research. In addition, competitive funds are available for travel to conferences and short term visits at leading universities abroad.

Current students

PhD job market candidates


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Marcie Kalson-Fishburn, department coordinator: